Monday, April 24, 2017

International Dance Day 2017

It comes with a bit of sadness that International day will not be celebrated in a grand way this year. After two successful BM-NCCA collaborations, I think the dance community was hyped up about how things could get bigger and better. But of course dance is not the only concern in the planet and the ASEAN as we all know serves a bigger purpose for the time being.  All is not lost as  dancers still have an opportunity to immerse themeselves in dance.

Of course you can always just play some beats, let yourself go and dance  but just in case  you want something new, take a chance in Dance Dance Asia' ecclectic ensemble of street dances from Asia.  

The Japan Foundation Asia Center and PARCO Co., Ltd. in collaboration with the De La SalleUniversity Culture and Arts Office are pleased to present DANCE DANCE ASIA — Crossing theMovements in Manila, featuring a collaborative performance on street dance, hip-hop, jazz, and contemporary dance created by emerging directors and dancers from across Asia. 
Now in its fourth year, DANCE DANCE ASIA sets out on a tour to present three performances, which premiered in Tokyo in December 2016, by a trio of choreographer-directors — MIKEY (TOKYO GEGEGAY,Japan), Vince Mendoza “Crazybeans” (Philippine All Stars, Philippines), and LION T (Vietnam )— bringing together dancers from a wide range of cultural backgrounds in a unique fusion of vibrant artistry, expert technique, and exciting music. To kick off International Dance Day, this event is a superb opportunity for audiences in Manila to experience the cutting edge of Asian street dance that is wowing the world today.
Admission: FREE ADMISSION. Registration is highly encouraged. Walk-ins welcome at a
first-come, first-served basis. For reservations, go to
Or if you would rather reflect and deepen your understanding of contemporary dance visit  Contemporary Dance Map's  dance clinic. Explore, reflect.... and possibly create ??! 

Dance Clinic for International Dance Day 2017!
A workshop discussing 3 approaches to contemporary dance (Al Bernard Garcia, Sarah Samaniego, Myra Beltran)
April 28 at Guang Ming College, April 29 at Dance Forum Studio. Both 1-5pm
Free Admission.
Yearly, a dance personality gives a Dance Day message. This year the message is culled from writings of Trisha Brown who passed away this year. The message honors her life's work:
“I became a dancer because of my desire to fly. The transcendance of gravity was always something that moved me. There is no secret meaning in my dances. THey are a spiritual exercise in a physical form.
Dance communicates, and expands the universal language of communication, giving birth to joy, beauty and the advancement of human knowledge. Dance is about creativity... again and again... in the thinking, in the making, in the doing, and in the performing. Our bodies are a tool for expression and not a medium for representation. This notion liberates our creativity, which is essential lesson and gift of art-making.
The life of an artist does not end with age, as some critics believe. Dance is made of people, people and ideas. As an audience, you can take the creative impulse home with you and apply it to your daily life.”